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Sanding Block For Wood Or Autobody | Preppin' Weapon Hand Sander Is A Great Tool For Those With Big Hands Or Sore Joints | Sandpaper Won't Rip | Finish Wet Or Dry Sanding Faster | Red

  • Sanding Block For Wood Or Autobody | Preppin' Weapon Hand Sander Is A Great Tool For Those With Big Hands Or Sore Joints | Sandpaper Won't Rip | Finish Wet Or Dry Sanding Faster | Red

Sanding Block For Wood Or Autobody | Preppin' Weapon Hand Sander Is A Great Tool For Those With Big Hands Or Sore Joints | Sandpaper Won't Rip | Finish Wet Or Dry Sanding Faster | Red

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SG$ 82.00 SG$ 136.00 You save: SG$ 54.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The Sanding Block preferred by professionals
  • Comfortable grip reduces fatigue during extended periods of work
  • Cuts sandpaper waste by 36% compared to ordinary rubber blocks
  • Save money by using the lower cost plain-backed sandpaper
  • Made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

The feel of quality for something that could be in your hand for countless hours. These feel like heavy quality sanding blocks that will last.... well... forever. I love the quality feel they give me during use and the ease of changing out the sandpaper is excellent. Much better than what was around for sanding blocks at the beginning of my woodworking career some decades ago. I could not imagine how to make a hand held sanding block any better and it gives you the ability to cut up standard size sand paper as opposed to the more expensive hook and loop sand paper solutions, which is just fine sometimes, just more extravagant that standard paper. 5Super good tool. Excellent design and functionality. An absolutely fantastic item. I wish I had had this when I started my restoration efforts in 2009! I m ordering #2 tonight. Different color because I switch between 80- and 100-grit a lot. Every time I use it I am impressed with the thought and engineering behind this.One thing I really love is how well they thought out the clampdown mechanism for the sandpaper. It will actually pull the paper in and tighten it the length of the tool. This is a huge deal, because a loose paper does a lousy sanding. That s always been a complaint I have about the rubber block versions... I can never get the sandpaper tight, and the spikes hurt.In addition, it has a hard rubber face. This ensures a planar surface, but it also provides enough give to accommodate imperfections in the materials that you are sanding.Use a jig to cut your full sheets into quarters. Perfect size. Make a jug by screwing a long hacksaw blade to something sturdy... door frame, sawhorse, stud.... Put a couple of small washers between it and the surface you are attaching it to. Slip the paper around the blade, fold it to align the corners, then just pull it up the blade. Perfect cuts every time. I ve cut a couple hundred+ sheets with the same blade, so they definitely last!Loading was a bit odd, coming from years using the hard rubber ones. Unlock both ends. Insert one end with one hand... align the edges by holding the sandpaper between thumb and middle finger at both edges and sliding it in, skimming the sides of the tool. Test close until you can see you re only clamping about an eighth inch. That leaves you plenty for the other end. Flip and repeat.Item arrived earlier than I expected. No problem with that. The next weekend I broke it out. All fall I ve been scraping miles of trim in my old house. Drips boogers runs sags you name it. Blast the paint off with a scraper, then sand the remnants. This has a defined end edge that allows you to use it for the deep corners of the reveals around the door openings. It really works well to clean up those tight areas.I was put off by the size at first. Not now! The handle is super comfortable to grasp and control the tool. It really helps when you are using it endwise for those deep corners.I ve been sanding windows and doors and casings and trim for 9 years using the hard rubber blocks. I so wish I had seen these way back. Sanding really sucks, but these make it so much easier. It will never be enjoyable, but at least this tool allows me to maximize my time and energy. As others have written here: Just buy one! I promise you will not regret it. 5surprisingly AWESOME... Firstly, I am a serious hobbyist, not a production woodworker. I use exclusively hand tools, sharp ones :-) and I try to do very little sanding. (As a matter of fact, I hate sanding) But, lots of people do a lot of sanding and we all do some of it, no matter what our working style or methods. These things are great. Sure I could fuss with some little pieces of wood, and felt, or neoprene or some such, not to mention wingnuts etc. and make my own cool little sanding blocks, but for the savings in time and effort these things are really a smarter solution. Ergonomic, the mechanism works reliably, makes better use of every square inch of your sandpaper, color-coded for godsakes!... Need I say more?I hate sanding less now. And I am grateful. 5Not sized for 1/3rd sheet sandpaper The block is well made and the clips for holding sandpaper are easier to use than other types of clips and apparently are tight enough to hold sandpaper. The major problem is that the flat sanding surface of the block is only 2 5/8" by 7 3/4". The 1/3rd sandpaper sheets are 3 5/8" by 9". The block is too narrow for the sandpaper and a total of 1 1/4"for both ends of the sandpaper to attach the paper to the block is a very tight fit. Perhaps those who have rated the block with 5 stars don't mind the 1/2" of sandpaper on each side that is useless, or they cut off 3/4" of the sandpaper before attaching to the block 2Worth it! If you re like me and think that sanding is the worst part of woodworking, you MUST get this thingFor those times with an orbital sander is too aggressive or too big, this is the perfect tool. In the old days, I d just wrap sandpaper around a wood block, which mostly worked, but it was really uncomfortable and my hand would hurt for days afterward. With this tool, it s MUCH more comfortable and gives you great control with the sandingThe clips hold the sandpaper surprisingly tight. I haven t had any issues with it coming loose.Yes it s a little pricey for a block of plastic, but it s worth it. And you probably haven t found a better solution have you? 5Best Sanding Block I've Ever Used!!! A Must Have!!!! I bought this to replace my cheapo harbor freight rubber block. All I wanted was something that used more of the available sanding surface, allowed for quick sheet change, was durable, and comfortable to hold.I received this block and I've just got say WOW!! It met all those criteria and then some. I can now use roughly 95% of the sandpaper instead of wasting almost half of it. Changing sheets is fast, easy, and intuitive. The block is very comfortable in the hand which gives me a sense of confidence when I'm doing detail sanding. Also cuts way down on fatigue. I used it the first day for a couple of hours and had no pain afterwards. I'm used to my hands aching and knuckles locking up after a period that long. I actually enjoy the work now!! Fantastic product and worth every single penny. As important if not more so than the sandpaper that goes on it. 5Flawless design and very comfortable in use These are the cat's meow...so good that I now have eight in my sanding arsenal (60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, and >= 320). They're color-coded (red for rough, yellow for intermediate, green for finish, and blue for even finer finishing) with the applicable grit written in Sharpie on the flat just above the metal gripper. These make sanding almost tolerable which, in my book, is high praise. One could argue that, with the efficient sandpaper changing design, I could've gotten by with just one, but I really hate sanding so I wanted to make it as easy as possible. 5A high-quality redesign of a familiar object This is one of those cases where someone has taken a simple item and executed a careful and high-quality redesign, and in the process raised the tool to a new level.I've used shop-made cork-backed blocks, and other wood or rubberized manufactured blocks. The manufactured blocks I've used either have cleats that pierce the paper, or screwed-down holders that clamp the paper. Neither really snugs the paper down, and the paper tends to tear or loosen up. Plus the screws/thumbscrews are slow and awkward. Suffice to say that the clamp mechanism on this block pulls the paper in tight, and that the size feels good in the hand. 5Definitely a time saver and a really great sanding block I don't usually write reviews, but felt I had to on this one. Throw away those small black rubber blocks with the spikes that hold the sandpaper. This sanding block is the bomb. I bought this in the middle of a job restoring a boat's gelcoat. I started with the small black rubber blocks. I used wet sandpaper. First with either 150 or 220 grit, then 400, then 500, then 800, then 1000, then 1200. I used several of the small blocks for the various grit paper because it was easier then having to change the paper between grits. With those small rubber blocks, I could never seem to get the paper tight, and the paper would always rip. About a quarter of the way through the job, I was looking to buy another of the small rubber blocks when I came across this block. I was hesitant to buy it because the price was probably 4 to 5 times the cheap blocks. Man am I so happy I bought this. The paper goes in the block so easily. There is a clamp on both sides of the block. Put the paper in one side, clamp it down, pull it tight to the other side and clamp in down. The paper sits in there nice and tight. Next, the block fits really nicely in the hand. The sanding area covers a lot more surface area. I would say, I probably cut the sanding time in at least half maybe more using this block compared to the others. The paper never ripped, and you can actually take the paper out and reuse it. You could never reuse the paper off the other blocks. I also don't need multiple blocks because the paper is so easy to change. 5This is the best sanding block I have found so far This is the second one of these that I have purchased in the last few weeks - they are great! They are longer than most of the cheaper plastic sanding blocks and are heavier, both of which I consider a plus. The longer length allows for better sanding larger flat surfaces and the additional weight makes them more stable when sanding (when the sandpaper grabs the wood, the light plastic ones have a tendency to roll over on their edges). The cheaper plastic ones are much more apt to break when dropped, while these seem to be much more durable. These are also designed to take a full length strip from standard size sandpaper. If you sand a lot, this is the much better choice. Another plus is that it is designed so that your sanding motion lengthwise has the sandpaper rolled over the edges of the direction you sand when holding it. My normal grip is to hold a sanding block with fingers on both sides of the narrower side and sand in the direction of the longer length. Many of the cheap plastic sanding blocks have the hand holds so that what I consider the "normal" sanding motion of forward and backward would move against the side edge of the sandpaper instead of against the rolled edges. The open side edge of the sandpaper then tends to get caught on an edge splinter and either tear the paper or pull up a splinter of the wood.I'll keep using it for a couple of more weeks and if no issues arrive, I will buy one for each of the sandpaper grits that I use regularly. 5
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