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SE Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass - MZ101

  • SE Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass - MZ101

SE Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass - MZ101

SG$ 94.00 SG$ 56.40 Save: SG$ 37.60
SG$ 56.40 SG$ 94.00 You save: SG$ 37.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Holds item securely (leaving hands free) with 2 alligator clips on 4-way swivels
  • Built-in magnifying glass (4x) aids in minute detail work
  • Heavy-duty base for stability
  • For electricians, everyday users, hobbyists, and jewelers
  • Great for repairing watches, soldering, working on details, and working with small parts
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Customer Reviews

Requires a lot of babysitting to keep it working wellI got this because it was a relatively inexpensive helping hands device. Note that you can get this same thing at Harbor Freight if you have one close by, and probably for around the same price.At any rate, this has a lot of wingnut tighteners to make it operate, which is ok, but because of the chrome-to-chrome connection, even tightened, it's not fully secure. Plus, it loosens from time to time. It works ok for PCB work, better than just sitting the PCB on the workbench, but I've seen helping hands that are higher-quality (note: also higher-price) and do a much better job. Additionally, the base, while cast iron, is not that large, so a little bump could knock it over in the middle of working on a project.If you're serious about soldering and want to take a step up, this is not the way to do it. If you're a hobbyist who does the occasional job, this might be right. Just keep in mind that it's not going to be perfect, but it's better than not having anything.3It'll doOne of the wing nuts was stripped and useless, but it only cost a few cents to grab a new one at my local hardware store. I shouldn't have had to buy a new one at all though. The base was fine, could be a little heavier but my items are somewhat light so it's not a problem so far. Some of the joints are too wiggly, some too stiff, but they're easily adjustable with pliers. I wish this had a slightly longer reach, because painting tiny items means I have to lower the clips, which means adjusting the eyeglass, which means utilizing the pliers in multiple spots again, plus the item hovers too close to the bar... Overall, if you're on a budget, it will do, but it could use some improvements.3Moderate ProductThis product is the only one I have ever owned so I cannot compare it to other versions, but I will say that the base is a bit light, I would think it would be a heavier base to give it stability and balance. The con to this is that now you have to plan holding something a little more carefully lest it tip over. Nobody wants that during soldering!The magnifier is good and the clips work well enough. Assembly was kind of annoying but it does allow for good customization of the product. I am not going to use it very much so for $5 for me it is not bad. If you plan on using it a lot I would say get a slightly better one with a weighted base. Or mount it to your work-space somehow.3Great Idea but lacking in Workmanship & QualityI do soldering work purely as a hobby (well, I build custom modded computer cases with custom lighting for fun). I really needed a "second hand" so I could focus on the quality of my work.When I received this, I was disappointed immediately with the quality of glass used for the magnifying glass. Hazy, not crystal clear. There was also a very small chip in the glass next to the bezel. Also, the alligator clips are aluminum instead of steel like the rest of it (the bezel is also aluminum).The iron base has good weight to it, and the rest of the metal is of high quality steel. Unfortunately, one of the alligator clips came loose, and, despite numerous attempts, won't stay clamped onto the metal post. It now just sits on there loosely. I suppose I'll go looking for something else, eventually.The inferior glass used in the magnifier really could have been overlooked, but the alligator clip breaking loose and not able to be fixed (I even attempted to tack it in place with solder- the clip took the solder, but the steel post would not) prevents me from using it as advertised. I will be shipping this back for something else.2Not bad for the moneyOverall it is a good product, and it works well, but I did run into one problem. The first time I tried to adjust the tightness on one of the wing nuts, it stripped. They are not solid metal, but rather sheet metal bent into shape. A trip to Home Depot, and about $1.10 to replace all 4, and it is much more secure. (I got 4mm 0.7 wing nuts.)The product shipped assembled, and the magnifying glass was in cardboard and plastic, so I had no problem with that.I've heard it called tippy, and it is a little tippy, but I think it's a center of gravity thing. If it's tippy, you need to move the hands and the magnifying glass to the other side, and it won't be as tippy. Just my observation.I would recommend this to budget minded hobbyist who maybe are just starting out. If you're a pro, or you've been doing electronics for a long time, you'll probably be disappointed with this.4UsefulWhen you need another hand or are working with something too small to see easily this thing is perfect. There are models that also have a light. That would be useful but I would worry about the batteries leaking if you don't use it too often. An external light should work fine.5This is a great little tool for the price This is a great little tool for the price. The magnifying glass works just well enough for those with poor sight, and doubles as a great counterweight on the opposite side of the clips. While the gator clips are very strong, they are also a bit sharp so mind your wires etc. with a cloth or paper towel (or non burning/melting material). They tighten very well to stay in place, but bear in mind when putting the clips near each other, you will have to have them at an extreme angle as the distance between the base of the clips doesn't change. All in all, this does the job, and for the price it can't be beat! 4Not a heavy baseDepending on how you position it, the weight of the magnifying glass may cause the base to tip over. The magnifying glass is removable so it's not that big of an issue. When the item arrived, I first thought that it was broken. It looked like it was going to fall apart and the arms wouldn't stay up. After playing with it a bit, I learned how to adjust the arms so it wouldn't flop around; using wing nuts you could tighten or loosen the pivoting areas of the arms.The biggest problem with the product is the clips, they are friction fitted onto a rod, because of this I sometimes feel like the clips will drop off. They haven't fallen off yet but you could pull it off with a bit of force. The teeth of the clips are also really sharp and easily bite into wire insulation.4JunkIt came in a small box with the parts loose inside, but there was no damage. The magnifier is glass and was wrapped in cardboard, but the elastic bands were deteriorated from age and immediately broken when I handled it. While there are no assembly instructions, it's easy to figure out. They provided the base, magnifier, rod, and three clips to hold them together. It only took a few minutes to put together. The base is heavy enough for small jobs and overall it's a great help in soldering and working with small electronic components. It is a little cheaply made but otherwise it is a good deal.Update: After a few uses, the "hands" fell off and only loosely stay on, making it useless. The magifying glass also fell off. This thing is a piece of junk. I ended up throwing it out.1Good for holding stuff, if you can immobilize the connection to the stand.This looks good in practice, but there are two major problems.1) The main connection between the stand and the rest of the contraption is loose. After not much time, I had to put some hot solder on the grooves and shove it into the stand to get it to hold still without slipping.2) The magnifying glass came quickly out of the bracket that held the lens.It's ok for an extra pair of fingers or two, to hold something you're working on, but only if you can do something to keep the main assembly from sliding to and fro. I have removed the broken magnifying glass and am using a separate magnifier.2You get what you pay forBeing in the middle of an project that required me to solder some LED's to copper lined perfboard, I quickly realized that unless I had four hands available I was going to have a tough time completing the project. To solve this issue, I purchased this product to make my life a little bit easier. Right out of the box the product appeared to be cheaply made, but nevertheless seemed that it would be able to do the job. Unfortunately, after using it for a few days I become annoyed at how now matter how hard I tightened the bolts on the arms, the arms always seemed to fall out of place eventually. This pretty much meant that the device was not doing its main job of holding the perfboard in place. Finally as a less important detail, the paint/metal they used to make this product smelled rather strongly of sulfur, a very undesirable smell.3
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