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Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale, 440 Lb. Capacity

  • Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale, 440 Lb. Capacity
  • Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale, 440 Lb. Capacity
  • Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale, 440 Lb. Capacity

Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale, 440 Lb. Capacity

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This high 440 lb. capacity talking bath scale features a spacious 12.2" tempered glass scale platform and stainless steel accents
  • Ideal for vision-impaired users, listen to weights announced in pounds (lbs) in English or kilograms (kg) in Spanish, Greek, German, or Croatian
  • Read body weight at-a-glance with the 1.1" LCD display, or listen to it announced in a female voice
  • Electronic scale features include instant on, auto off, and a low battery indicator
  • 3 AAA batteries included
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Customer Reviews

Stylish, durable, and reliable scale. I am a legally blind person and I LOVE THIS SCALE! It reads the numbers out very clearly. It came in very secure packaging, survived a move, and has withstood weekly use very well. It's helpful for me to step on the scale twice. The first time is to warm the scale up. The screen is blank, but when you step on numbers appear and the scale will read your weight. Then, when you step off, the scale will say, "Ready for operation" and you can step on again for another reading. The readings are almost always consistent. Highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a stylish glass scale that is accessible for anyone who can't see the numbers/does not want to look down to read the numbers.One quirk: the scale will not give the correct reading of your weight if used on a carpeted surface. Place on tile, wood, or another flat floor for accurate results. 5Works well Updated Review:1 starsI was contacted by seller who said he could not help me after a 30 day purchase period and only if in the original packaging, etc. I suggest thinking twice before purchasing this item. Not worth it.Updated Review: 1 starsScale is now incorrectly weighing by dozens of pounds. Moving it to another part of the floor doesn't help. With shoes I weighed ten pounds less. Very disappointed.Original Review: 5 starsI'm blind. It works well and I can hear the voice telling me my weight. If you don't like a Korean accent you might be annoyed with the voice. I am just happy to be able to get the job done, accurately and eyes free. 1Awesome scale for the price! i had a Reizen scale for about a year. The sou, and they had no tech support phone to troubleshoot the issue. There goes $58, just after the 1 year warranty. So I looked at this Taylor model, read many great reviews, saw the price was right, and bought one.This is a great scale. Volume is adjustable, and very easy to cale is very simple--just stand on it and listen. I'm legally blind, so it's awesomehave such simplicity. The warranty is much better than Reizen's. Taylor has a likely repeat customer when I need a thermomoters or other items. 5works great for visually impaired user A gift for a relative who is visually impaired. It's been in use daily for 6+ months without issue. Reads the same as the weight scale at the gym-- we compared daily for a few months just to see. So I'd say it was accurate enough. So hard to find everyday products useful for the visually impaired... thank you so much for the talking scale. Provides one of those things in life that bring in some normalcy and allows some monitoring of weight independently... in a life with so much dependency. Really, thank you! 5Perfect "Talking" Scale I ordered this "talking" scale for a friend who was returning from the hospital after a heart problem. She MUST watch her weight every day, but has vision problems and is nearly blind. She cannot read a traditional scale. This is a perfect solution!! She has had it for several weeks and uses it every day. She had no problem "hearing" her weight and knows immediately when she needs to be extra careful. Thank you Precision Products!! 5100% accurate. 100% accurate. The weight was identical to the scale in the doctors office to the tenth of a pound. Very impressive for a home scale. For people with visual impairments, this scale is outstanding. The voice is clear but a British Female. A minor suggestion would be to make a scale using American English for this market. It is stylish and the clear tempered glass blends in with the bathroom floor. All in all, a very good product that we use daily. 5Pretty good talking scale - but not great I am visually impaired, so need my weight scale to talk to me. This scale does a pretty good job. It is heavier than my last one, which is a good thing, not a bad thing. I always though the other one was a little unstable. I don t find that to be the case with this one.I gave the product four stars instead of five for two reasons. First, the English female voice sounds like she has a German accent. Though I like German accents, this seems to annoy me. A pet peeve, I agree, but we all have them.My larger complaint is the fluxuation in reporting weight. My old talking scale would report different weights each time I stepped on it, even if I just stepped off and back on. That really annoyed me, because it made me doubt its accuracy. This new one does not seem to have that problem. I can step on and off of it and it usually gives me the same reading. But, if I step on it, then off, then come back a few minutes later, I can get a different ready. And trust me, I did not gain or lose several percentages of a pound in less than five minutes.So, while it is much better than my last one, it's not as good as I would like it to be. 4Love this scale Came with one dead battery. Other than that, I am very pleased. Yeah, you have to stand still for a few seconds. I position a walker over it for my elderly visitors. It agrees with weight from doctors' offices. It is attractive (not something I thought about when ordering). Like I said I have elderly using it and having the scale talk to them is great. (One aunt moves it into the back room so no one else can hear it.) 5Too soon to give it 5 originally. Now it gets 5. I see that people were saying the voice is not clear -- the voice is British but it is clear and loud enough for even my hard of hearing father to get the weight. The read is clear when there's enough light. Two things would make this better -- a lighted reading and a wider base for people who, like my father, have difficulty standing, are larger, and need to brace their feet a apart. I would still have given this 5 stars despite that, because it was a good price, but I've only had it a short time and I cannot speak to its battery life and longevity overall.UPDATE 6/2017. I've never had to change the battery yet. There is some rusting on the metal part, but nothing that interferes with function, so I think this has earned the 5. 5Great product We have had this for a few months now. So far works great and weight matches that in doctors office and gym so appears accurate. Got it so vision impaired mother in law who couldn't see display could track weight. Only problem is if my wife uses it and says a weight she doesn't want she makes noise so the voice can't be heard by others lol 5
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