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The Ultimate Edge BS6 6-Piece Steak Knife Blade Saver Set

  • The Ultimate Edge BS6 6-Piece Steak Knife Blade Saver Set

The Ultimate Edge BS6 6-Piece Steak Knife Blade Saver Set

SG$ 134.00 SG$ 80.40 Save: SG$ 53.60
SG$ 80.40 SG$ 134.00 You save: SG$ 53.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Six piece blade savers set for steak knives
  • Protect fingers from cuts and knife edges from dulling
  • For in-drawer knife storage or use with cutlery case
  • Durable polystyrene construction
  • Fit all knife brands
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Customer Reviews

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY - AWFUL PRODUCTI could not get a knife to fit inside these sleeves - I about cut my fingers off. The plastic is not flexible, nor is it a sheath. It is like a money clip, except that the clip part cannot be pried open. I tried shoving the knife between the clip part by wriggling back and forth, this about cut me. I will not be using these awful things.1There are better alternativesPersonally, I find these knife savers to be very snug-fitting, which I suppose is better for safety reasons. I just don't like it when my knives cut into the plastic on the other end. It seems like these things will end up doing some minor damage to my knives' edges if I'm not particularly careful about how I slip these things on. Although they are more expensive, I prefer the LamsonSharp KnifeSafes: LamsonSharp KnifeSafes Knife Blade Protectors, Set of 4. They come in various sizes (bonus: this set contains a 10-inch model, which will actually fit my $300 10-inch chef's knife. The blade saver only has an 8-inch or a 9-inch model, which is too short). Additionally, the LamsonSharp knife protectors pinch your knife between two rubber nubs to ensure that the blade remains suspended in air -- this way, you don't accidentally damage the edge of the knife. Additionally, you can actually wash these in case they get dirty. This is not so with the Blade Savers -- you cannot wash the insides of those at all.3Better than a knife blockYou can keep your knives in a drawer, protect your sharp blades, and not cut yourself when you reach for one. Also makes it easy to take your knives on vacation so you don't have to use the ridiculous ones thay have in a rental condo.5Simple, but accomplish their purpose.I got these to protect some Global steak knives that have been stored loose in my utensil drawer. The knives are serrated and not particularly sharp, but after purchasing an electric sharpener that put a razor edge on them, I feared cutting myself plus damaging the newly delicate edges. The protectors are basically just plastic sleeves that the blade is pressed into. The sleeve is narrow so they securely grab on to the blade without falling off. They accomplish their purpose though are longer than my knives by a few inches. I could cut them for better sizing, but will keep them as is for now. Simple but accomplish their purpose.5This is good. The largest one is the perfect depth for ...I just bought a new Chinese cleaver, which is VERY sharp. I knew I needed a sleeve for it. Since I had a few other knives that I wanted sleeves for as well, I selected his set. The sleeves are a tight fit which, as far as I'm concerned, means they stay put! This is good. The largest one is the perfect depth for my cleaver. I had trouble trying to cut the length to fit, but finally made it. The end result is protected knives and protected hands. I'm quite happy.4Good for transporting knivesI use these for my knives at home-those that do not fit in my knife block and for the knives I take to a K-12 cooking class. Guards do two things: they keep the blades sharp by preventing knocks against each other and help keep the knives from cutting hands when they are being pulled out of the storage bag. Actually, with guards it is possible to store knives in a drawer with a knife block.5When used with attentive care, these work well.I wondered what to buy for this purpose and these turned out to work perfectly. It does take attentive concentration to insert blades in such a manner that one does not injure oneself.5Scratches my knifes.This Ultimate Edge blade guard does not work well with my Victorinox 8" Chef's knife. It does not cover the whole blade with their 8.5"x 2" blade guard because my knife's grip is at an angle. To make matters worse, the blade guard creates scratches on my knife making my beautiful knife look hideous. The other 8.5" x 1" blade guard works a bit better at covering the 8" Victorinox knife. Would not recommend due to the scratches.Instead, get some cardboard or manila folder and tape to make a knife guard. Much cheaper and easily replaced.1Simple product, worksYou will probably get more than you needed, but it's a generic set-- if you want just the sizes you'll use then you'll have to order a la carte. As a set, you get one really short guard (for your paring knife, most likely), then shallow and deep short, shallow and deep medium, s&d long, and s&d really long. For me, this is enough selection to cover my santoku, paring, and regular chef's knives, plus the boning and bread knives. The guards are simple recurved plastic so nothing outstanding but functional, which is what I want. The longest two will handle some pretty significant knives; my largest is a 26 cm Wusthof, which is easily swallowed by the long guards, so I expect the really long ones are there for slicers. I got what I wanted for my money here.5Effective---Safe---Practical---Convenient---Time-saving---Well-made: Blade Savers work well, save time, & improve functionalityI love these and have been using them for a long time. I've personally never found anything that works as well.I own a ton of kitchen knives, including numerous 240mm+ Gyutos, a few costing well over $450 a knife. All were purchased individually. So there is no knife block that is nearly large enough, or has anywhere near the sizes I would need, to fit many or all of my knives. But given some of these knives are super expensive and have paper thin angles (under 10 degrees), there needs to be something to protect these blades. For that matter, it is critical to ensure that no knife blade make contact with another blade: two blades touching metal-on-metal can easily damage an edge or break a tip. With Blade Savers, you can avoid that from ever happening, plus add on a margin of safety for storage that can reduce the chance of an accidental injury.The sizes they make are convenient given they make a size for most any knife you might have. They slide on easy, they slide off easy, they stay on the knife, and they prevent anything from harming the blade. They also do NOT encourage the development of rust, are easy to clean and sanitize, and a lot less expensive compared to a knife block, display case, roll case, or wooden saya.And did I mention these are super convenient? I just pull my favorite Gyuto, a Konosuke Fujimaya, out of the drawer it lives in, remove the Blade Saver on it, use the knife, clean & dry the knife, and put it back in the Blade Saver. I actually think this is MORE convenient than a block given it takes no time at all to put these on, plus you can lay a knife on a surface (like next to a cutting board or on the counter) which would not be safe for the knife (and any people around it) without having the Blade Saver on it to cover the portion of the knife vulnerable to damage, which also happens to the the portion in which injuries occur from.This 4 piece value set is a nice value given it comes with some of the more common sizes, plus it saves you money over buying these piece by piece.Overall, this is a great product at a good price with tremendous functionality. If you own a kitchen knife (which I would go out on a limb to say most people own), then this is a must-have. It makes life a little easier, and a little safer.5
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