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Vornado MD1-0002 Replacement Humidifier Wick (2-Pack),White

  • Vornado MD1-0002 Replacement Humidifier Wick (2-Pack),White
  • Vornado MD1-0002 Replacement Humidifier Wick (2-Pack),White
  • Vornado MD1-0002 Replacement Humidifier Wick (2-Pack),White
  • Vornado MD1-0002 Replacement Humidifier Wick (2-Pack),White

Vornado MD1-0002 Replacement Humidifier Wick (2-Pack),White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Contains two (2) genuine Vornado wick filters
  • Fits Vornado Evap3, Evap1, Model 30, and Model 50 evaporative humidifiers
  • 1.5-inches thick and made of high-quality materials
  • Replace at recommended intervals for best performance
  • Keep stock on hand for dry months
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Customer Reviews

Too expensive and too fragile, makes the whole system less desirableWe like the Vornado system with its two large tanks, but I didn't realize that these filters would be so fragile and need replacing so often. We are lucky to get two months out of them, so that's $50 a year on filters for just the dry months, in addition to the $100 cost of the Vornado itself. Basically, the filters just fall apart even if you're gently rinsing them with a light sprayer, so if you're super careful you'll get 2-3 months max. My first set fell apart much quicker because I actually dared touch them and tried to rinse them in the sink--that's a no-no. You have to leave them in place (bring the whole plastic base to the sink) to flush out all the accumulated cruft, and I only do it once every 10 days to make sure that I'm not handling them too much and making them die an early death.3Great humidifier! Read on for some easy tips!Very happy with this product. I fill an empty gallon water bottle at the sink and carry it over to the humidifier. I purchased a red funnel with a very long spout, called Flotool, at Walmart's auto dept. that fits perfectly in the tub opening so that I am able to pour the water from the water jug into the humidifier tubs. Makes filling it very easy!(Puncture a small hole in the top of your gallon water jug handle so that the water flows out smoothly while you are pouring it into the tub) Don't forget to add a humidifier bacteriostatic treatment which helps control bacteria and algae growth in the water tank. I also add a separate humidifier water treatment which prolongs the life of the wick filters and helps prevent lime scale buildup. I add these to the jug of water before I pour it into the humidifier tub.5Quality was reduced to force us to buy more.The original wicks were good and would survive a few baths in vinegar to remove the hard minerals that had collected. These filters did not survive one rinse in a vinegar and water mixture. After 4 hours the filters started falling apart around the edges, turning into a nasty filter soup. After 6 hours sitting in the bath I go to place them in a water bath to rinse out the vinegar, but the filters completely fell apart. The original filters lasted through these same baths so well I was able to use them for about three months. These filters will last about four weeks max. I regret buying a humidifier that needs wicks as we've now spent a couple hundred, and will have to spend over a hundred a year to keep it running.The photo I attached shows our second set of these filters after three weeks of use. They have about a week left before I'll have to replace.2The problem is your water not the wickI think these are fine. I see a lot of bad reviews but most of it stems from people having water with a high mineral content. Even if you soften your water you will have mineral buildup because softening water adds more minerals!I run these under hot water and soak in vinegar for 10 minutes and then blast with hot water again about every two weeks and they'll last 2.5 months. They don't get perfectly clean but it doean't matter that much. You have to be gentle with the wicks, they are delicate.Using a mist type humidifier with high-mineral water isn't the solution either; it will ruin your humidifier or leave mineral crust on everything nearby.There's just no way around it, you can't evaporate dozens of gallons of hard water and not have minerals left behind somewhere. Distilled water would fix the problem but that would be expensive.4DO YOURSELF A FAVOR.....I've used Vornado Humidifier and fought the filter problems for three years. Clean often, use a special cleaner, clean the humidified one a week.etc. Nothing worked. I don't usually write reviews but I'll make any exception for these filters. The filter price doubled in stores, I still buy from Amazon but filters are the same crap. They shred and begin to fall apart in two to three weeks. They actually pull apart. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR BUY A COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER. NO FILTERS TO DEAL WITH AND SOME OF THEM SHOW THE ACTUAL MOISTURE THATS IN THE AIR. I'M JUST SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO CHANGE AND STOP PUTTING MONEY IN VORNADO'S POCKET FOR A BAD PRODUCT1Excellent wicks and humidifierI use this to humidify my large bedroom and master bath. Not large enough for a whole house as advertised which isn't unusual for most stand alone whole house humidifiers. Buy a larger unit than you think you need, it's easy to dial back the humidity but if there's not enough output for your space it's useless. It works great. I love it because: the first humidifier/wick I ordered was defective and the company stood behind their product and sent a replacement ASAP with extra filters! I like it because it takes 2 days before I fill it again. It's very quiet. I like that the tanks do not have caps and washers - it's just the patented tank that magically works. The motor is on TOP and a tray is on the bottom so if there are problems the water doesn't spill/leak even when I move the unit. It is easy to clean and maintain. Very light when empty of water. Excellent product. Be sure the wicks are soft when you use them or the unit will not put out humidity. I have a small humidity gauge in my bedroom to check. This unit doesn't show the percentage of humidity it is putting out (it uses dials) - I didn't want digital controls because my cat plays and turns digital controls off and on to feel wind in his whiskers.5Works as a Substitute for Honeywell Filter HFT600 Filter T Honeywell Hev620 Update...after a few days these stopped wicking like they did initially. I am not sure what the problem is, but While these fit ok in my humidifier they really stopped wicking water after only a few days so I will not be buying them againOriginal review: I was looking for a replacement filter for the HFT600 type T filter that fits in a Honeywell top fill humidifier Hev620. They were sold out everywhere and I needed to find a new one so I decided to try these since they come up in my search when I search for the filter. The filter I needed was 1.5 inches thick and smaller than these so I figured I would give it a try. My humidifiers are Honeywell top fill Tower humidifier, models Hev615, and Hev620 I think I have the 620 one in black and one in white.They look very similar to the material in the filters I was looking for. Once side fits almost perfecting top to bottom, so I only had to trim off one side of about 4 I was able to cut them with a scissors. The filters are thick but I was able to cut through and fit them into the filter holder for my humidifier.So far these work just about as well as the originals but they are maybe slightly more dense. The humidity reading shows a slightly lower number at the machine using these but the humidity reading away from the unit is the same and it s putting out the same amount of water in a 24 hr period. The greatest thing is that I get two filters for about the same price that I was getting one. Plus I am keeping the portion I trimmed off and I think when I have three strips I can fit them together and end up with no waste. Since my humidifier has a holder that the filters go in I think putting them in two or three pieces will not alter how they work.Thanks for reading my reviewBecky Brooks 3these wicks fit perfectly & work greatThese humidifier filters work very nicely, not sure why some people have complained that they are thinner than the old one. They seem to work just as good as my original thicker humidifier wicks that came with the humidifier. I usually get an extended use out of them by soaking the wicks in a solution of a pan filled with water + 1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar solution once the mineral deposits have hardened on and the filters, reducing the humidifiers effectiveness.5Absolutely terrible - do not buy!I purchased these filters two times hoping that maybe the first time I just got a bad batch. I also purchased another size for my other Vornadohumidifier. After the first week or so of the filter completely started to disintegrate and dries out and turns brown. I tried flipping it, then the second time I bought them tried not flipping it. Each time even with full water and not ever letting it run out of water, the filter just disintegrates and stop putting moisture in the air. I even bought a humidistat to check to see if it was doing anything and it s absolutely not. I have the Vornado single canister. It s not my water because I ve bought other non-Vornado replacement filters that worked but they were out of stock, so I thought it would be better to have the OEM version. I was wrong. These are very expensive for one filter at $15 when the entire humidifier only cost $69, i ve now spent almost half the cost of the unit and I have to go buy more. I also have the double tank energy saver Vornado and bought the Vornado replacement filters for that one, and exact same thing happened. I purchased a non-brand Replacement, and those are working great and have silver mesh to keep them from falling apart, and they don t dry out or disintegrate. I m going to be contacting Votnado directly for a refund since the Amazon window is only 30 days which I missed by a day. I absolutely would not recommend these filters, and with all the poor reviews I cannot believe Amazon continues to sell these, or Vornado has not done something to make this right. The first two photos are the single canister, and the second are the devil canister with the non-Varnado shelters that work great. Those are also from Amazon1Very dis-functional!Very disappointed in this product. It does not wick up the water to wet the entire material. The top 1/2 half and more of the filter dries out and turns an ugly brown and very unappealing to the eye. We maintain a water softener so mineral accumulation is not a problem. I tried wetting the entire wick when I refilled the water jugs, but still the same problem. I replaced the wicks as suggested, I cleaned, & did everything I can think of to keep this humidifier operational. All have failed. When you have more than 1/2 of the wick dry, there is no way the humidification process can work efficiently. It would several days for the unit to use up the 4 gallons of water it is storing. I have wasted so much time & money on electric and wicks that I am disgusted with this product. Please notice in the picture the water line on the bottom of the wick. From there up is dry as an old bone and non-operation. I think you need to re-engineer these wicks and perhaps the humidifier itself.1Two months on my first set of filters. Desert ...Two months on my first set of filters. Desert SW using 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract Nutribiotic Gse Liquid Concentrate, 2 Fluid Ounce with every tap water refill. Every two weeks I perform a complete wipe down and soak these in vinegar for 30 minutes. I was prepared to install my replacement wicks after two months but other than a little discoloration, these wicks are still going to work. No smell, no slime, makes the room a little cooler but that's OK. Be sure and let the fan turn off completely before bumping or removing the tank on your humidifier, that could make your fan out of balance.UPDATE: My second winter and I decided to just replace monthly instead of trying to clean them. I use 5 drops of the GSE liquid and never have had a smell problem. I normally order a set when I replace them to have the new ones on hand. Unfortunately, This time the price had increased by around 30%. I'm going to try cleaning and reusing my old ones because of the price change. Luckily, winter is almost over so I don't think I'll need them but for another month anyway. Next winter, I may be looking for a new source though.5
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