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Weighted Blankets Plus LLC - Made in USA - Adult Large Weighted Blanket - Purple - Cotton/Flannel (72" L x 42" W) 20lb Extra High Pressure.

  • Weighted Blankets Plus LLC - Made in USA - Adult Large Weighted Blanket - Purple - Cotton/Flannel (72" L x 42" W) 20lb Extra High Pressure.
  • Weighted Blankets Plus LLC - Made in USA - Adult Large Weighted Blanket - Purple - Cotton/Flannel (72" L x 42" W) 20lb Extra High Pressure.
  • Weighted Blankets Plus LLC - Made in USA - Adult Large Weighted Blanket - Purple - Cotton/Flannel (72" L x 42" W) 20lb Extra High Pressure.
  • Weighted Blankets Plus LLC - Made in USA - Adult Large Weighted Blanket - Purple - Cotton/Flannel (72" L x 42" W) 20lb Extra High Pressure.

Weighted Blankets Plus LLC - Made in USA - Adult Large Weighted Blanket - Purple - Cotton/Flannel (72" L x 42" W) 20lb Extra High Pressure.

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SG$ 601.20 SG$ 1,002.00 You save: SG$ 400.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Proudly made in the USA! WEIGHTED BLANKETS SHOULD NEVER EXCEED 15% OF INDIVIDUALS WEIGHT. The formula is 10% of your weight, plus 1. Ask yourself if you like the feeling of a lot of pressure, if so select a medium or high-pressure blanket, if not use low pressure. When in doubt of best weight for your needs choose a light pressure option. Pressure options available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Whether its for adults or kids, we have something for everyone.
  • WB+ WEIGHTED BLANKETS provide soothing weight and pressure to stimulate a great nights sleep. Produces relief and relaxation. It really is the BEST HUG EVER!
  • 100% HIGH QUALITY, AFFORDABLE PRICE, durable cotton and cotton flannel blankets are both calming and comfortable, filled with evenly distributed, sugar-like glass beads, no extra poly-fill. Our beads are divided into hidden 4x4 squares. No extra purchases needed for a complete blanket.
  • Sized for individual use. Small 48x30, Medium 58x41, Large 72x42 and XL 80x 58.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Email the staff at Weighted Blankets Plus today at helpmesleep@weightedblanketsplus.com to learn more!
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Customer Reviews

Quality Product; Carefully Consider whether It Will Be Too Hot for YouThis weighted blanket is beautifully made. I purchased the cobalt blue--the two sides are slightly different colors. One side is a bit more like suede so I try to put that side down so the blanket doesn't slide around. The filling is made with tiny glass beads (according to the manufacturer)--sort of like damp sand without the dampness. So there's no noise if I turn over in my sleep. Also, this blanket can be washed; it doesn't need to be dry cleaned. So as far as the quality of the product, I recommend this blanket unqualifiedly.Based on the given formula, I purchased the 20 pound version. Moving around a 20 pound blanket requires some concentration. I also don't have a clear place to store it during the day. (It's far too heavy to just keep on the bed, even just the foot of the bed. Right now I keep it on the floor.) If a 20 pound blanket is the right weight for you, it's the right weight for you. But if you're on the cusp between it and the 15 pound blanket, you might prefer the 15 pound version.The big problem for me with respect to the blanket is that I inevitably get too hot when I use it. I'm a person who usually sleeps with just a sheet, if that. Over a period of several hours, even though our bedroom is usually about 60 degrees, the blanket heats up from my body heat and eventually wakes me up. It retains the heat for a long time. What I finally figured out to do is to begin my sleeping without the weighted blanket, and, when I wake up in the middle of the night, to put the blanket on the bed then. Struggling with a 20 pound blanket in the middle of the night isn't great, but I'm rewarded with a serene cocoon feeling once it's in place. Then I usually find returning to sleep to be easy. Since the blanket takes several hours to heat up, I can then usually sleep until morning.I also love to rest under the weighted blanket as I sit in my recliner and read. I don't stay for a long time, so the heat build-up isn't an issue.So even though the blanket isn't everything I'd hoped for, it's useful enough for me that I'm going to keep it.5It's like a Thundershirt for people...but you don't wear it.I did a lot of research before this purchase and I was still a little skeptical about the reality of it working.It is really not often I like being proven wrong. This blanket has been the best purchase of the year (and if you had any clue about my love affair with Amazon, you'd know what a big deal that is).On a serious note. I suffer from a high-severe general anxiety disorder (GAD) which means high anxiety or a panic attack can strike out of the blue for absolutely not logical reason. I crawl under this weighted blanky, practice some good deep breathing, and within minutes I'm usually calmed down, and by calmed down I mean heart rate of 116 dropping to 87 between 7-10 minutes. That was not something I could do with just deep breathing and visualization and all the other coping tricks and mechanisms I've learned over the years.And I don't know if it's part of the calming or not, but I've noticed I'm falling asleep much quicker at night than I had been for a good 6-9 months previously. One should never underestimate the wonder of consistent good nights' sleep!5S My daughter is now 12 and has ADD with some sensory issues. She got this blanket for her birthday and she said it was her favorite present!! A blanket. She says she can fall asleep, and stay asleep so much better. She said she will defiantly be taking it anywhere she goes for a sleep over/camping/grandmas house.Thank you 5Incredible sleep aid!It really is amazing how much this blanket is helping me sleep better! It is well made and I love that it's not puffy - that the glass beads result in it looking just like a regular blanket... until you pick it up! ;0) I am 128 lbs and bought the 14 lb blanket as recommended. I just wish I'd purchased a heavier one. I've ended up doubling it over and that gives me the perfect weight but then it's a little short on both sides. I wish I'd gone to Walmart first to check to see what a 14 lb blanket feels like because they let you return things for free but this company has a 12% restocking fee plus you need to pay return shipping so it ends up being over $30 to exchange for a different weighted blanket. So I decided to just keep mine. Maybe one day I'll learn to sew and add to the edges. It wakes me up once in a while when it slips but as soon as i adjust it I fall right back to sleep - something I never did before. I can't recommend these blankets highly enough!!!5Helps my FibromyalgiaI've had this blanket now for about six months. If you're dealing with an illness and why you want this blanket, it's important to understand everything about a weighted blanket and expensive. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, but I want to share my experience.**First off, I bought it because I have Fibromyalgia. I will try anything to help with this disease.**The blanket does help with Fibromyalgia pain and anxiety. I suffer from muscle pain and a kind of yanking on my nerves. The weight of the blanket calms this down helps me fall right to sleep or just relax while watching TV. But it doesn't help ALL types of fibro flares. Anyone with fibro knows there are times nothing works. That said, this blanket has really helped more than not, and it's one of many **tools** in my kit to deal with fibromyalgia.**My negatives**1. I can't use this on my bed because it weighs me down too much and I can't turn over--it pins me down and I really don't like that feeling. BUT, I have a Tempurpedic mattress and the two just don't work well for me. The way it feels for you will depend on the mattress you have. But don't be detoured. It's worth trying.2. I use it on the sofa, and wrap it around me and cuddle. I've slept many nights with it on the sofa.3. It's VERY heavy and I can't carry it from one room to the next. If you live alone and can't lift heavy objects, you might think twice about this type of blanket at this weight. Because it's fabric, it's not easy for me to lug it around. I have my husband carry it. I can't see an elderly person using this kind of blanket without help. Again, this is my opinion. It's cumbersome to carry and to get it sorted onto my body. It's nearly impossible for me to get it right by dragging it onto me in a bunch. I need to straighten it first, then climb under it.4. I'm not keen on the fabric. I need another blanket under it for comfort. One side is a kind of rough fabric--the scratchy side. The other side is a shiny kind of cotton. Neither side is comforting for me. Some reviewers seem to like it, so this is a personal opinion.5. The beads do move around, and I wish they were better stabilized. Other's pointed this out.6. It's not a blanket per se. It's more the size of a comforter. I have not tried to wash it, nor will I try to put this in my machine.**None of the negatives would prevent me from buying this blanket again or recommending it. The weight really helps me sleep, and calms my nerve pain on bad days. But it's important to know that it has some limitations.5Great blanket. I had bought another competitors product but ...Great blanket. I had bought another competitors product but it arrived damaged so I decided to try this one based on all the reviews. The product arrived flawless and my wife loves it. It was easy to machine wash and dry (took about 3 trips in our dryer but it didn't leave any damp spots like our comforters usually have). I ended up ordering a 2nd, heavier one, for myself. I did however return the heavier one because I learned I throw blankets off me in the middle of the night. But it did feel nice falling asleep with the weight. Weighted blankets are just not for everybody... i'm one of those weird folks I suppose that likes the feeling/idea of the weight but in the middle of the night throw blankets off me (drives my dog nuts lol). It's definitely a great buy and I would recommend it to anybody. As I said my wife absolutely loves hers.5Highly recommend! (Get a lint roller though)After having slept with this blanket for a few weeks, I can say with absolute certainty that I love this blanket. I sometimes get severe anxiety and huddling up under this blanket when I feel an attack coming on works wonders for calming me down as the weighted glass beads emulates a full body hug. I was worried it wouldn't be long enough as I am 5'11" tall, but the blanket covers me from my toes to my shoulders!My main gripe with this blanket is that the fabric is a lint/hair magnet, so buy a few lint rollers to keep it looking new in between washes. I also wish the bead pockets were sewn into a quilt-like style as when I move around under it sometimes the bead pockets seem to clump onto one side.Overall: this is a very high quality blanket and the improved sleep quality it provides is definitely worth the price tag. Highly recommend!4Very effective for meI am an adult with Aspergers and have sleep difficulties because I have weak proprioception. (That means that I don t know where my body is, which makes me bump into things and I have to look at the ground when I walk.) This blanket makes me feel grounded because the slight pressure on my entire body tells me that I am in bed and safe. Now that I use this blanket I sleep through the night, and do far less tossing and turning. I also don t tangle my limbs beneath me in an effort to feel them, so I no longer wake up with pins and needles in an arm or leg that is asleep. It is winter now so I can t comment on how hot the blanket will be, but it has no insulation - just weight. Some reviewers stated that the weighted beads all slipped to one side but I don t know how that could happen because the quilted pockets confine the beads to a few square inches.I weigh 150 pounds and purchased the 16 pound blanket.Overall I love this thing and feel it was well worth the price!5Well Made!I took a long time to research the right blanket before purchasing a 20# one from this vendor. So glad that I did! Really great workmanship on this item. All of the mini pockets are individually sewn closed, feels a lot like sand. The profile says that it is glass beads, so unless you opened one up it would be hard to know what it is. But I can say that there is no odor which is great, I had previously purchased a blanket made of plastic pellets (PVC) and I was so sensitive to the smell even after airing it out for a week that I couldn't use the blanket. I wish there was a removable duvet for the blanket, because the texture of the material seems to want to have fuzz stick to it. I placed it in my own duvet to protect it. I weighed the blanket and it is indeed 20#, helps calm me down after a stressful day. Wasn't successful at helping me with night terrors. But does feel comforting when it is on.5Very disappointingI am very sad like want to cry, I was very excited for my blanket. The weight just goes to the sides not on top of me which is the main goal of these blankets :(1A must for Anxiety and CalmThis blanket is beyond fabulous!! The weighted feel helps you stay grounded. It's comforting. It took a couple days of getting use to it...but now I love it. I wish it wasn't so expensive though... or I'd buy an extra. It seems to be well made. The glass beads are in individual pockets and none have come out. There are two different types of fabric on it. One side is flannel like, the other like a typical sheet. I switch sides depending on if it's cold or warm outside.5
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