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White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)

  • White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)
  • White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)
  • White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)
  • White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)
  • White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)
  • White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)
  • White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)
  • White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)

White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off Protects Your Lights or Circuits from Accidentally Being Turned on or Off. (10 Pack)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • White Switch Plate Cover Guard
  • Keeps Light Switch ON or Off
  • This plastic switch cover protects your lights or circuits from accidentally being turned on or off
  • Guards switches controlling security lights and motion detectors.
  • Not UL listed
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Customer Reviews

Perfect Does the job!I bought these for 2 reasons. One was a toddler who decided that flipping the light switch in her room was a great bed time activity. She hasn't figured out how to flip it through the side opening yet, and I make sure not to let her see it when I do it, so it's magic enough that she stopped trying. The other reason was switches that I wanted permanently on - driveway lights that are on dusk/dawn cycle automatically, and a power switch in our office that controls the outlet that happens to have our modem and router hooked up. These definitely prevent accidental flips. 5Did the trick; easy to install I purchased these because family members were accidentally turning off lights that are designed to work automatically (either on at dusk or on when motion detected). Needed 3. Have a spare. Really easy to install. Am still able to operate light switch for when it is time to change a bulb, etc. 5Works great, has a lot of applications!After a guest had fumbled for a light in the middle of the night and first hit the switch for the attic light and "nothing turned on," he hit the other switch and the hall light turned on.4 days later I discovered that the attic light was on the whole time. With a 100-watt incandescent bulb in it.I changed the bulb to an old compact florescent I had lying around, put a piece of tape on the switch, and labeled it 'attic.'The tape was hideous, but stopped people from accidentally turning on my attic light. These fit the task perfectly! The switch is still accessible but it takes complete intention to turn it on - no more accidents! And it looks so much better than the tape solution.I also have an assistant-enabled light bulb in my kitchen nook. It is on a dimmer switch (the older round-style ones) that needs to be on 'max' at all times. Again, I used tape so people wouldn't turn the nob. Here, I popped off the round nob and installed one of these. It just looks like a covered switch - so much more attractive!My garbage disposal switch is right next to the overhead light switch, so often people went to turn on the light and startled themselves when the disposal would fire up. So, I changed the switch from standard white to gray, to indicate it's different. It helped some, but not completely. I put one of these over the switch and now no more "oops" incidents!As I install more assistant-enabled devices on switched outlets/fixtures, these are going to be increasingly handy.5Simple device with terrific resultsThis is a very simple plastic cover that uses the existing screws on your switch outlet. IF you have a switch that if accidentally flipped could cause big problems or inconveniences this is a great product to have. For instance, we have a furnace emergency cut off in our upstairs hallway. Even with an emergency outlet cover marked as such, we have had house guest mistake it for a regular light switch. Put this on and bam, not accidents. Another outlet controls a wall switch that has computer gear attached. Put this over the switch and now you must actively slide your finger into the cover to turn it off. Totally eliminated the small incidents that can cause havoc such as restarting a furnace or resetting the house network router. Good quality plastic (white in color).5Works well, though not 100% coveredThese are pretty effective at preventing myself or my guests from accidentally flicking my light switches, since my lights are all controlled via Google Home. They install easily with just a screwdriver needed, using the same screw as the outlet cover itself. It even works on my two-switch outlets, covering one switch while leaving the other exposed.My only grievance is that they do have an open side, which on the plus side makes it possible to use the switches even with the covers installed if you still need to do so. However for my purposes I'll never need this, so it just means that the covers are a bit more of an eyesore (it'd be a cleaner look to be completely covered), and my subconscious still manages to flick the switches sometimes. I'd prefer 100% coverage to make using the switch completely impossibe, but have yet to find such covers on offer.4Should ve bought these soonerI have been using blue painters paint for the past couple of months ever since I switched all of our bulbs to smart bulbs. My family had a horrible time remembering to not use the switches at the beginning but I still needed the tape because of guests. Our handyman was the worst. Before I could explain to him why the lights weren t immediately turning on, he had switched the light on and off so much he placed the bulbs into pairing mode again. He unintentionally did this to every single smart bulb in our house because he couldn t understand they were controlled by contact and motion sensors. I found out about the switch plate guards by watching a video on YouTube and then came to Amazon looking for them. Once I found them, I purchased them. They came relatively quickly, I think I got them in 3-4 days after I ordered them. I had them installed within ten minutes tops. I love how they prevent the accidental brain fart moment we all have from time to time but I can also still access the switch from the other side to flip the switch if the internet is out. Now I no longer have to go thru the process of setting the bulbs up again each time someone comes over to visit. Great purchase!5Easy to install, got it for my toddlers bedroom.Super easy to install, just need whatever kind of screwdriver (most likely flathead) you have for your light switch cover. You use the screws that are already in your light switch panel.These came early! Which is great; because as a tired, busy, mom I m so tired of my two year old turning the light on and off in his room instead of taking his naps and sleeping at bed time.The individual light cover is great for single light switch panels as well as panels that have multiple switches. This means that if there is only one switch you need to cover on a multiple switch panel, you can totally do that!-- update-- toddler figured them out, so what I did was place two outlit covers side by side with the openings facing each other. Then I placed high duty tape over the opening so only someone who is tall enough, can sneak their fingers in from the top and not the bottom. that way my todd can't just stand on his tippy toes and turn the switches on.5Perfect to prevent accidentally turning off smart switches/lights etc.I have a bunch of TL-Link Kasa smart switches and dusk til dawn light bulbs around the house.The smart switches are 3 way meaning 1 light is controlled by 2 switches. Or an outside light bulb turns on by itself at night (dusk til dawn bulb).For the 3 way switches, if 1 switch is turned off, the light won't work. For the dusk til dawn, if the switch is turned off, the light won't turn on automatically when it's night time since it needs power even tho it turns on by itself at night.Either me or my wife used to some times turn off the switches by habit, thus defeating the purpose of the smart switches or dusk til dawn lights. I bought these to cover the light switch. It's simple but works.It's covered on one side but not the other, should you really need to turn the switch on or off.I highly recommend this cover for your smart home light application!5Great for those switches you don't want haphazardly flipped.I use these fellas for my light switches that control Hue smart lights. If you have smart bulbs, you know they should always be powered on, and you control whether they are lit or not via an app or voice assistant. This is a pretty new idea and, unfortunately, not everyone is savvy enough to realize they should be asking Alexa to turn the lights on, as opposed to trying to flip all the switches.I appreciate that these leave one side open so you can still flick the switch if you really need to. I have mine flipped around so that the open side faces toward the nearest wall. This deters folks from reaching in and flipping it easily, which gives them pause to consider why someone may have covered it in the first place!5Perfect switch guard, excellent quality, at excellent priceExcellent product. Well constructed. Does exactly what is intended to do: deter flipping traditional narrow light switch (yet allowing you to access it from one side of you really need to).My only complaint is that it is only offered in white. All of my switches and switch plates are ivory, so I would have preferred that option. But at a buck and a half a pop (for 8-pack) this product is perfect and let me remove ugly scotch tape from several switches in my house. I also covered up a couple other switches that we were always flipping by mistake. A couple of them I don't even have any idea what they do lol (probably control an outlet we don't use), but we were always flipping them first, then realizing that wasn't the right one and flipping the other one. Now we don't do that. I still keep reaching for the light switch when I walk into our bedroom. But when I see the guard, I remember that our ceiling light/fan needs to stay on all the time because I have smart bulbs controlled by Alexa.I would buy these again and would happily recommend them to others. (I just wish the manufacturer would start offering them in ivory.)5Simple yet clever.... and classier than tape!!Really quite a genius problem solver. My parents were cat sitting for us, and I knew they would automatically turn off the ceiling fans/overhead lights when they left. Energy conservation and such valued over feline comfort.We had put led motion sensor light bulbs in the fans, so the cats would randomly set them off in our absence. Lo and behold, the first comment after we came back was, I couldn t turn off the fan! PERFECT!!!5What to do with switches after you Alexa your house So I added Sengled bulbs w/hub to my house and my Alexa system. So far I've been pretty pleased with how it's be able to simplify some things, like turning off lights after I've gone up to bed, scheduling lights when we're on vacation, etc. However, the one thing was how to prevent people from shutting off the light switch b/c it's automated. So I did originally use white duct tape to cover it over. This is much better looking and still allows access if you need it. It fits standard size light switches and also can be used on switches with multiple switches on the same panel, just covering the one that you've automated. Very pleased, great value. 5Perfect for my needsThis Christmas we decided to do a smart home upgrade, which meant replacing about fifteen lights in the common areas of our home. After living in the same house for 24 years, you develop habits turning light switches off and on, especially on switch plates with multiple switches. On several occasions, we thought our expensive new recessed, smart light bulbs had stopped working only to realize someone turned off the light switch by accident. So we decided to just put a piece of invisible tape on top of the switch to remind and retrain ourselves not to turn these off. But it was ugly even if only intended for short term use. So I discovered these and it was a perfect solution to putting a cover over those switches controlling the smart lights. Problem solved and ugly sticky tape removed.5
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