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Winco FST-6 6.5-Inch Blade Fish Spatula, Set of 6

  • Winco FST-6 6.5-Inch Blade Fish Spatula, Set of 6

Winco FST-6 6.5-Inch Blade Fish Spatula, Set of 6

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Commercial grade for heavy and long durable grilling, Set of 6
  • Edged-end for functional cutting during grilling, acts as a knife
  • Slotted ergonomic turning blade
  • Quality brushed stainless steel, w/securely riveted smooth wooden handle
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Customer Reviews

Fish Spatula and more I don't use this for fish, though I imagine if I did it would work great. I use this spatula for cooking eggs in the morning. I have a pan that does not have rounded edges so I needed a spatula that could get in there and get me the most of those delicious eggs trapped by my evil titanium pan. A little hard to clean by hand if the junk is crusted on but if you slap it in the dishwasher, it'll be fine. 5Professional quality at very low cost If you want the best fish spatula money can buy, this isn't it. But if you want the best value in a fish spatula, you won't get more bang for your buck with anything else. If you've never had a fish spatula before but think it would be handy to have one, this is the one to get. In the very unlikely event that you decide that you want an even better one, you can always spring for a W sthof and keep this as a spare. But I doubt that you'll feel that the W sthof, which costs 9 times as much as the Winco, is 9 times as good. 5My new favorite kitchen utensil! I am slowly replacing all of the terrible dollar store kitchen utensils and appliances I bought years ago in college. A good friend who works for a cooking magazine strongly recommended I get a good fish spatula to use for everything and she was 100% right! Its amazing. I use it for fish, steak, fried eggs, pancakes, roasted vegetables... even for picking up delicate still warm cookies off of big sheet trays! 5A sturdy, high-quality kitchen necessity This is the only metal spatula I reach for in our kitchen. It's the perfect size and shape to get under anything, and the leading edge is sharp enough to cut through things in your pan when you need. It's quite sturdy and as high quality as a heavily-used kitchen requires, but in the handwash only group due to the wooden handle. This is up there on my "how did I live without it" list. 5The blade is precise and well made with a great feel. It's perfectly flexible and exactly the right ... The blade is precise and well made with a great feel. It's perfectly flexible and exactly the right size. The tip has an elegant finish to it, with a carefully beveled edge. Lost a point for wood handle. I would have preferred no finish or a plastic bakelite handle. In any case, found something not made in China! 4Great price for a very nice turner These are quite nice. My only minor issue is the handles could be a bit wider. I have another spatula I like a lot with the same handle dimensions so it's not a big deal but I find the handles that are a bit wider and not so square feel better in the hand.However this spatula works like a charm. It is for fish, but really it works for a lot of things. Cookies slide on and off it smoother than a solid spatula and turning just about anything is a bit easier since things don't stick to the blade as much. Small pieces it's not so great for since they get caught in the slots but that is pretty expected. The angles also fit the sides of my frying pans better than the square sharp cornered blades.--Update__now after about a year I can say they are still working great. BTW Why 4 stars? Well the finish when they arrived could have been better. They are stamped out, of course, and they could have used a bit more deburing than they had. I found the edges rather sharp and so I spent a little time with sand paper to round them, and smooth the wood a bit. I also oiled the wood which was pretty unfinished when it arrived. These are not big deals and for the price are right in the just fine ballpark. The design could also better support the blade. IF the wood extended a bit past where the blade cuts in to the handle width it would add a lot of strength to the blade at that point. As it is if you push down hard on the blade id can bend where it meets the handle. Again not a big deal since this is not how it is supposed to be used but a slight change would have helped a lot. So all the little bits made it a 4 star product but I would give it a five star value, if that makes any sense. 4Great spatula at a great price Works great, if you are in the market for a fish spatula or a better spatula in general this is a good price. It will last if you keep the handle oiled. Easy to get under food. I have not purchased an expensive fish spatula because this one has done a great job. I have noticed the more expensive ones are thicker but I have not seen the necessity. 5Great price for a great well-designed tool for fluffy omelettes and pancakes too! Just ordered and received two of these. Used right away for omelettes and DH was very pleased with the ease of use. If the rounded end is pushed under the food first, you get a long diagonal space to pick up the soft food that makes it easier to flip without breaking.Its edge is beveled, which makes it easier to push under food than with a more blunt or thick spatula. It looked a little "wiry", and I thought it would be flimsy, but it feels neither flexible nor "weak" for weights up to that of a three-egg omelette or 8" pancake.The metal portion is deeper at the base than the top and sides and is embedded into the wooden handle and secured with 2 rivets, and I don't think there will be any issues with it bending with the above mentioned food weight, or coming apart.If the top were say 3/4" deep instead of being barely 1/4", it would perhaps make it easier to both push under food, and handle to clean the top edge better. There could be an engineering reason for its design, not sure. I use a brush to get any stuck food off quickly without it affecting my fingers or nails. There are plenty of metal edges, and although they are completely smooth and flat with no ridges, it still needs careful handling while running your fingers along them while hand-cleaning.After having read reviews from fellow users, I know to keep them clean without soaking too long for fear of rust. I purchased two so we can alternate and keep them from getting too much wear. Hope to get good long use out of them.Overall great price for good sturdy product with a great design for just this use. 5My new favorite spatula It says it's a "fish turner" but I use it for pretty much everything I cook in a pan...eggs, burgers, meats, sandwiches, stir fry, etc. I like that this spatula is thinner on the top edge so you can really get under whatever you are cooking very easily. It's great if you don't cook on non-stick pans. The length is also great for flipping sandwiches on long sandwich bread.I have not experienced the "rusting" that others have experienced but am keeping a close eye out. As long as this doesn't rust, it's a steal for 5 bucks. I'm getting one for my folks. 5One of my most favorite kitchen tools This spatula is so thin and angled just right which makes it perfect for getting under any food item cooking in a pan and pulling it up in one piece.For fish, I can cook a piece of salmon skin-on in the oven and easily slide the spatula between the flesh & the skin when it s finished cooking to remove the skin completely (without pulling up half of the flesh with it).Love this kitchen tool! 5
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