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Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer, 4-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown

  • Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer, 4-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown
  • Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer, 4-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown
  • Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer, 4-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown
  • Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer, 4-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown
  • Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer, 4-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown
  • Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer, 4-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown

Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer, 4-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown

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SG$ 548.00 SG$ 912.00 You save: SG$ 364.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Hybrid water boiler and warmer. Electrical Rating : 120 Volts and 840 Watts
  • 4 keep warm temperature settings (160 Degree F, 175 Degree F, 195 Degree F, 208 Degree F) and vacuum insulated non-electric keep warm
  • Quick temp mode brings water to desired temperature without boiling, Micro computerized temperature control system
  • Easy-To-Clean nonstick interior and clear-coated stainless steel body
  • Interchangeable melody or beep signal may also be turned off
  • Refer user manual below.
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Customer Reviews

It looks like the coating is dissolving into the waterPurchased this on January 13, 2017 and it's only been a few months and already have some very worrying flaws with the electric water heater. It looks like the coating is dissolving into the water, which is a scary to think I may have been drinking some of that.1Holds a lot; heats quickly; easy to use This is a fantastic item to have in the kitchen if you drink as much tea as we do. Some days we dump some of the water; other days we have to refill. Magnetic plug (easy); when plugged in, it starts heating (quick boil - easy) but you can push one button one time to make it slow down (easy) and it assumes you want to boil the water. If you want a lower temp (such as for green tea), you have to push one other button twice. To dispense the water, you push the top right button to "unlock" the dispenser (this is to hopefully keep little kids from accidentally burning themselves) and then push the large central button to dispense the water. There's a thermometer reading on the top front so you know how close you are to having your tea. It plays a brief tune when the water hits your requested temperature. There's a sturdy handle if you want to carry the dispenser to another room. The dispenser moves across the counter easily when full (but doesn't slide uncontrollably).The dispenser is insulated well enough that if we unplug it for a few hours (like if we're going out for the day), the water temperature is usually still pretty hot when we return. It's also nice-looking and solid and doesn't take up any more counter space than the Gevalia coffeemaker (which we only used to heat water) we had there previously.What I don't like: you're supposed to remove the lid completely (which is easy, but it takes two hands and is an extra step) to either fill the dispenser or to dump out any remaining water when you're done using it; it doesn't remember your settings from one time to the next (I really, really wish it would - this would be so easy, to just default to the most recent setting each time it turns on). Otherwise, we're extremely pleased with it. 5Great Product and Cust. Service (How to fix HH code error)We ve researched the rare instances customers experience issues with this model and discovered that when customers are using very soft water in the water boiler a random HH error code can be triggered.However, after several uses, the error code should go away.For example, if you boil water in a pot on the stove, you would see lots of small bubbles popping on the bottom due to the heat. The same occurrence happens at the bottom of the water boiler while boiling.Through testing, we ve discovered that if the water is very soft, it forms bigger bubbles. The large bubbles are shaped like a dome and create larger dry areas on the bottom of the unit. This dry area gets hot quicker and thus triggers the HH error code.After several uses, the natural minerals in the water should form a thin layer on the bottom of the unit. This layer will prevent the HH sensor to go off and the unit should start working properly.Therefore, we recently tested the units with different types of water and found out that the very soft water is the cause of this issue. We would recommend on initial use of the water boiler, use tap water. Tap water has a high mineral content and can help form the mineral layer. After a few "boils" with the tap water, you can switch over to filtered water.5Solidly built, could use some other features for this price.Holds heat better than our previous two Secura 4-Quart Electric Water Boiler and Warmer AirPot SWB-43G, 18/10 Stainless Steel Interior. The build quality also looks better and the pump is smoother. Whereas those boilers always felt hot on the sides, this one feels barely warm on the sides. That should mean the vacuum insulation is working well. The reason I am not giving this boiler five stars is the significantly cheaper Secura, although not reliable, had some nicer features. For the price of the Zojirushi, I'd expect them as well. The missing features are:- Lever to press with cup to get water to dispense (similar to refrigerators that have water dispensers built in)- Light to light up area immediately below spout so it's easier to fill up a cup at night- Manual dispenseAlso, the first tiny bit of water that's dispensed is cooler than it should be. I'm sure this is whatever water sits in the dispensing tube and not in the boiler.Note: Amazon.com ships this package in the manufacturer's store display packaging. I'm not factoring it into my review, but something everyone should be aware of. The box is definitely not made for shipping (I asked the manufacturer) and doesn't hold up well against UPS. I've let Amazon.com know (and got a replacement for the first one they shipped), but I do not know if they'll change their shipping practices.Update: Amazon now offers you to select a different box for shipping: "This item's packaging will indicate what is inside. To cover it, select Ship in Amazon box on the checkout page."4Zojirushi isn't what it used to be...I had an older Zojirushi water boiler that had been plugged up and running for more than 6 years straight. It was a champ; built like a tank. I gave it away to my neighbor when I purchased the 4-L Zojirushi hybrid water boiler, thinking it would have the same durability. That was a very foolish assumption. This new hybrid water boiler pumps out water as it should UNTIL it reaches the 2.5L mark as which time it dispenses considerable less water (almost 1/2 as much). I do not have confidence that the water pump is going to last based on this. I hope I am wrong, but I feel the quality and durability of Zoji products have dropped over the years.3Updated review - 6 months after purchaseUpdate review 6 months after purchase:After 6 months, I found this bottle is very hard to clean. It has waaaaay more buildup than the other exactly same boiler I bought more than 3 years ago! See the pictures. The pictures were taken AFTER I cleaned the boiler using the official Zojirushi boiler cleaner. I was surprised by the quality difference between the two identical boilers I have (same brand, same model). The other 3-year old boiler was fine, but this one is IMPOSSIBLE to clean.This is really disgusting. I spend about $200 on it and only used it for 6 months! I would give 1 star if I can!1probably good for hard water areas, completely worthless if your water is "too pure"Initial purchase - water would boil, then unit would show HH error message and auto shut offf. Called Zojirushi and they said it was because the filtered water I was using was too pure and to try tap water. Same issue every time (multiple tries.) They said it must be malfunctioning and to send it back.Replacement unit arrived. Does the exact same thing! (Again, multiple tries.) So, apparently our water is "too pure" here in the Seattle area to use one of these? Such a shame, because I can see this appliance is very high quality and dispenses water without so much as one excess drip. Would be great if it worked, but if it just boils water and turns itself off, it's nothing more than a $200 tea kettle. So now I have 2 of these things to drop off at UPS this week and no water boiler/warmer. Hassled and disappointed.1For serious tea drinkers, one of the best you can buy in the US. Buy only models with "quick temp" setting.This is the best water boiler and dispenser I've owned. This is really only for people who drink alot of different teas. Temperature settings for different green, black, white, matcha, teas, etc.But the main reason why this one is worth the extra price is the "quick temp" setting. This is the one feature that makes the world of difference between this model and this brand vs. all others that don't have this feature. I used ot own Panasonics that didn't have this feature and will never go back. So what is so special about his one feature? Time. This feature means that the unit will only heat up to the temperature you want and stop. All the models without this feature, especially Panasonics, always go to a complete boil then you have to wait for the temperature to slowly come down to the temperature you want. This can take over an hour depending on what you set the temperature at. However with "quick temp" just put the water in, and a in a few minutes you get the temperature you want. If you are a serious tea drinker and want the different temperature settings, only buy a model with this "quick temp" setting.The other nice feature is the vacuum layer. This means that you need to use less energy to keep the water at the correct temp. And if you select "vacuum" overnight, the temperature only drops 30-60 degrees while using no electricity. Then in the morning choose your temperature and "quick temp" and it will reach your desired temp in just a few minutes.If you are a serious tea drinker and want one of these Japanese thermo pots, only buy a model with "quick temp" setting.5More useful than I thought it would be!My Mom has had an older one of these for years and although she has always said she really likes it and would not be without it, I always wrote it off in my own mind as unnecessary for myself. After all, I have a stove and tea kettle already, right? Well, I finally got tired of counting the number of times I was either boiling water (and waiting for it to boil) to make some tea or coffee, or to cook something that required hot water.After recently reading a gadget article with Teller (from the legendary magic duo Penn & Teller) in the Wall Street Journal, I was reminded of Zojirushi again. In the article, Teller stated that he has one of these and would not be without it for tea. I then decided to go ahead purchase a water boiler since I make things like tea, coffee, oatmeal and instant noodles on a fairly regular basis. Long story short, I have no regrets.This is the newest model (as of this writing) and it seems to have all of the features of any Zojirushi water boiler except the battery operated dispensing feature, which I didn't need anyway since this will never leave my countertop. Without just listing all of the numerous features that you can read yourself in the product description, I will say that Zojirushi seems to have thought of everything. The interface and buttons are very intuitive and well-thought out. Even the way you open the top is smart; it doesn't just pop open, which could potentially surprise and scald you. Instead, you have to actively push an indentation and then a little handle pops up which you must grab to open the lid. It's the small yet important safety design touches like this which make me trust the Zojirushi made in Japan engineering. It also has a neat slow pour feature which slows down the dispense rate so that you can use it very effectively for pour over coffee brewing.Being able to set semi-specific temperature presets is really nice. For example, green tea is best at 175 degrees, not hotter. I tried this and noticed a marked improvement right away. It's so much better than what I was doing previously: just pouring boiling water over my green tea. At the same time, other types of teas such as black tea and coffee require a hotter temperature. I have found 195 degrees work well for these. It really doesn't take too long for the Zojirushi to go from 175 to 195 either. And, I like that I always have hot water at the ready; if I'm cooking something that requires boiling some water, I will take the water from this unit and then put it on the stovetop to boil in the pan, much more efficient and quicker than starting with cold water.It also has a delay timer function which I find useful mostly when filling/refilling. If I know I won't need hot water right away such as if I'm about to go to sleep, I can set it so it will turn on and heat the water to be ready for me in the morning. No sense heating it all night if I'm not going to use it until the morning.The color of this unit is simply amazing. It's a warm stainless color that seems to go with literally any decor. Probably the best looking one to date.*On the materials*I've read that some reviewers are concerned that the internal basin has a teflon-like non-stick coating. While I would certainly prefer an all stainless steel internal basin myself, I was not dissuaded from purchasing this. The non-stick coating seems very sturdy, almost like an anodized or powder-coat surface, not the shiny 'teflon' type coating you may be thinking of. I did a bit of research and learned that it would take at least 500 or more degrees to begin degrading the coating. I measured the temperature of the basin with my infrared thermometer and it never gets higher than the temperature of the water. This is actually a slow boiler and does not get very super hot in order to try to boil the water as fast as it can like you would on a stove top or with an electric kettle. I also compared the inside of the Zojirushi to my supposedly all stainless water kettle, and water kettle actually has plastic and rubber parts inside it, so much for all stainless.There are millions of households with Zojirushi water boilers installed for many decades and we have not heard of people getting the least bit affected at all by the material. The bottom line is you are not using sharp utensils in this which would potentially scrape/loosen the coating, and it never gets hot enough to even come close to degrading the coating (unlike a stove-top pan). Zojirushi also states that all of their products are BPA free as well. That said, if they ever come out with an all stainless steel model, I will certainly buy one of those. In the meantime, I'm fully comfortable with this unit.*On choosing between the 4L & 5L sizes*I have the 4L. For me, the 4L is about right capacity-wise since re-filling more a bit more often is better so the hot water does not get too stagnant (although realistically it would probably take a couple of weeks for that to happen) However, I checked the product dimensions on the Zojirushi website and each is exactly the same footprint. The 5L model is just about 2 inches taller. If you are a family that goes through a lot of hot water rather than a single (and looking) guy like me, the 5L would probably be preferable. With the 5L model, you don't need to fill it as often as you would with the 4L model but it definitely looks a bit more imposing in your kitchen given it's taller size. With My 4L, I tend to add fresh water to it every other day and this has been working great for me.In all, this thing is pretty great so far. I'm only knocking one star off due to the fact that it's quite expensive and also for my wish for a completely all stainless interior.4Interior Rusted Within 6 MonthsThe interior rusted after 6 months of use...I'm really disappointed at the quality of this hot water boiler. I only used clear water to rinse it to clean but even that it had huge rusty spots on the bottom of the boiler after 6 months...I have no idea how long I have been drinking rusty hot water....1Worth every penny! (Edit: downgrading due to bad customer experience with Amazon)Edit 2019/12/13: I'm keeping my original review of the product intact. It's a five star product. Just consider buying from someone other than Amazon.Amazon fluctuates the price on this product wildly; I bought one as a housewarming gift for my sister one day, and the next day it was nearly $40 cheaper at $145. I contacted Amazon Customer Service to see if they'd adjust the price, since a $40 swing in one day is a pretty tough pill to swallow. The first rep said that they'd refund this as a promo and transferred me to a second rep. The second rep said they wouldn't be giving me any sort of price match at all, giving me some flimsy excuse about supply and demand. I have a hard time believing demand caused a 20% price decrease over the course of a single day, but that's Amazon's official stance on the matter.The customer experience was bad enough where I'm seriously considering cancelling my Prime subscription. Amazon used to match prices in cases like this, and it's disappointing that they can't do anything to preserve a 5 year customer that orders from their site frequently.**********************************************************************Original review below:I discovered this water boiler through a coworker, who bought one after an extended vacation in Japan. When he upgraded to the 5L version he put his old 4L in the break room.From the first time I used it I knew I wanted one, but like most people I balked at the price. I could get full coffee/espresso machines for less money! I could get an electric kettle for $25. Why pay for this?After waffling over the purchase for months, I finally broke down and bought this water boiler. I should've done it much sooner.Let me tell you why the Zojirushi water boiler is a better purchase than a similarly priced coffee machine:Reason one: more utilitarian. This machine has temperature settings to make all different types of tea. 160, 175, 195, 208 and 212F (reboil) allows for perfect green, black, white, and oolong tea steeping temperatures.On top of this, a $5 pour over or $20 French press is all you need to get high quality coffee out of this machine. With the water available at the touch of a button, the only easier way to make a singleton cup of joe is to use a K-cup, and it's not even that much easier.Add to this the possibility of making ramen, hot chocolate, or any other thing requiring hot water, and this is by far the more utilitarian countertop appliance. Sure, you could just spit hot water out of your Keurig machine, but not with the ease and level of granular control that the Zojirushi water boiler provides.Reason two: convenience. You push the button and the hot water comes out.This beats the pants off of boiling water for tea. No more waiting for the water to boil, then playing the guessing game of how long to let it cool before pouring over (or worse, just scalding your tea.) Want tea now? Good! As long as you're set to the right temperature, just prepare the tea, press the button, let it steep and you're off to the races.Had it set to the wrong temperature? Fear not! If you need to raise the temperature, the quick temp function will get you there in mere minutes. If the temp is too high, just throw a splash of cold water into the top and you'll be good to go. The Zojirushi measures the water temperature real time, so you can easily get it to the proper temperature.Need to refill the tank but you're not near a sink? Fear not, you're covered! This thing has a giant carrying handle and magnetic detachable power cord. You just snap off the plug, remove the lid, carry to the sink and fill'er up!Wanna slow pour over your coffee? Touch the unlock button twice for slow pour functionality!Wanna put this on a central point on your table but worried it'll be difficult for people to reach? The whole thing swivels for easy access!I swear, they've thought of everything.Reason three: extremely durable. I alluded to this before. My coworker's old unit was ten years old and still working. Guess what? The design is still exactly the same.The fact that this unit is made in Japan and has a much simpler mechanism than most K-cup machines means that there's not much to break here. Just give it the occasional acid clean (kits are available) every 6 months or so, and it'll keep going forever.This is part one of where you'll ultimately make back your money. Other, lesser water boilers will die long before the Zojirushi, meaning you'll have to pay for a replacement.The only thing that seems to eventually perish on these is the rubber gasket on the lid, but guess what? This part is easily available and the part number is conveniently cataloged in the manual.This leads us into part four: energy efficiency.This is where the Zojirushi beats down other similar water boilers, because lets face it: there are other cheaper products that seem to have similar functionality to this unit.As far as I know, the Zojirushi is the only unit with a vaccum sealed chamber. This means that to keep the water warm, it takes only 11-25 watts depending on temperature selection and unit size.Less than a light bulb!Given the long lifespan of this machine, that means it'll eventually pay for itself in energy savings. Not to mention that it'll outlast these other units and has more functionality to begin with.In conclusion, buy this boiler if you like tea, coffee, ramen, or just having scalding water on demand. Don't cheap out. Despite its price, I like this boiler enough where I've bought it for other tea drinkers as a gift.It's truly the best boiler on the market. Five stars.1
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